British Columbia Guest Ranches. Guest Ranch Vacations with members of the BC Guest Ranchers' Association.
The BC Guest Ranchers' Association … from the Cariboo … the Thompson Okanagan … and the BC Rockies … we welcome you to some of the best places on earth. Here in British Columbia you'll find crisp fresh air, cold clear rivers and lakes, breathtaking views from the open plains and mountaintops. This is Canada's Cowboy Country!

The members of the BC Guest Ranchers' Association invite you to visit the finest British Columbia guest ranches … all featuring relaxing western hospitality, approved accommodations, quality dining, and spectacular, unforgettable experiences and a chance to experience the true western ranching and cowboy lifestyle. Unique in their settings, our British Columbia guest ranches are committed to professional standards set out by the association to guarantee the guest a world class adventure vacation.

Horseback riding and wonderful hosts are the common denominator, but the guest ranches themselves vary greatly from four star luxury suites with Egyptian cotton linens … to log cabin with all the essentials … and everything in between. Meals are prepared with the utmost care and attention and always served with a huge portion of our famous Western hospitality. Some members of the BC Guest Ranchers' Association are actual working ranches where guests can join the cowboys and take part in horseback riding, cattle drives and cattle branding, horse drives, and a whole list of exciting outdoor adventure activities - others are remote wilderness lodges, places where you can truly explore BC's pristine backcountry on horseback.

Activities abound for all seasons, and of course horseback riding is a given, with miles of trail through forest and field with the sounds of nature as the only interruption to your thoughts. Fly fish in hidden lakes, hike to stunning vistas and observe wildlife in their natural habitat. In winter, a hushed white blanket provides the backdrop for a brand new set of pursuits. Sunny skies and snow laden terrain make way for cross country skiing, skating, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. Whichever season you choose stunning BC views-capes will surround you where the only residents are moose, bear, deer and coyote.

Are you looking for a leisurely guest ranch vacation, a breathtaking BC wilderness experience, or something in between? With members in the Cariboo Chilcotin … the Thompson Okanagan … the BC Rockies … you're sure to find something to fit your taste. And whichever British Columbia guest ranch you choose, you'll probably find yourself feeling like a guest of the family, and that's exactly what's intended.

A Guest Ranch vacation is a unique, life altering experience, stealing you away from the world as you know it, and immersing you in a lifestyle without daily pressures or deadlines. A week's stay is truly ideal, but we guarantee even a few days will feel like more as you adjust your pace to guest ranch life. As you rise each morning leaving everyday life behind, and having only a curious expectation of what the day ahead holds, we will be satisfied that once again we have achieved our goal.

The BC Guest Ranchers Association … come and spend some time with us and discover why they call British Columbia the best place on earth. Canada's Cowboy Country!

BC Guest Ranchers Association

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British Columbia Guest Ranches. Guest Ranch Vacations with members of the BC Guest Ranchers' Association.